A Tribute to Kodak

kan man köpa Viagra på apoteket Kodak made the announcement today it will no longer manufacture cameras. While this might be a passing headline to some, as a career photographer who has been shooting for almost thirty years, I find myself seeking a moment to pause and reflect – perhaps even grieve a little – at this latest casualty in the digital revolution.

köp Viagra på nätet Kiruna Other brick and morter companies like Blockbuster and Borders have recently succumbed to the digital age as well,

Kodak Movie Camera

binary call option value Photograph of a Kodak Brownie Movie Camera taken (appropriately or not) with my iPhone 4s.

unable to adapt to our modern “click and morter” age. Even Canon and Sony are losing sales of Point and Shoot cameras to Smartphones. However, Kodak’s story is different: while the company didn’t invent the camera, it did invent film and the first consumer cameras, and was responsible for bringing photography to – well – everyone. Kodak’s cameras and film were a revolution themselves and transformed the way we have all discovered our world through our family albums, magazines, and motion pictures.

guadagnare con opzikni binarie Kodak has been mostly surviving the past few years by patent enforcement and also sales of many of the digital imaging patents it owns. It has been provided with $950M in financing by Citigroup which will enable it to restructure its debt (Kodak filed for bankruptcy on January 19, 2012).  So it isn’t as if we’ve seen the end of Kodak. The company will probably return leaner and more able to adapt to the digital age (said adapting is a phenomenon with which we all share some experience).

För Viagra 50 mg ingen recept Personally, I embrace the many changes that have transformed photography over the past decade. Each week seems to bring new discoveries, changes and opportunities (there are presently more than 200 photography apps for the iPhone alone).  Yet the end of an industry which has so obviously left its mark on all of our lives – deserves a nod of acknowledgement for the transformational contributions it brought.