Portrait and Old Paint

_ScannedMedia = Kodak Tmax 100_ImageColorType = ICTypeScene

http://ekja.ee/?sekvoya=trading-60-secondi-opzioni-binarie-50euro-di-iscrizione trading 60 secondi opzioni binarie 50euro di iscrizione Here’s kind of a fun exercise: It’s called layer blending, and is a process in Photoshop whereby you can combine two different images through a layer “overlay”.  It’s a form of creative play since you never know exactly what you’re going to get; therefore the process becomes intuitive and can yield different results every time you try it, even with the same images.  I’ve done a lot of these; here’s a recent one which combines a photo of rusted paint / metal with a close up portrait taken on b&w infrared. [Read more...]

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