What do these wedding photos have in common?

We’ll give you some hints: It isn’t some Photoshop filter, the budget of the wedding or the latest hot lens. What these unrelated photographs have in common is this: Pure emotion of the moment. Distilled to its essence, recorded in a split second.

As a bride planning your wedding, you want to create an experience where the guests enjoy themselves, the details are special, and your family and close friends feel honored. It’s a highly emotional day, from early morning hugs to partying the night away.

For your photographer, the day unfolds in a series of the briefest moments which reveal the story of your wedding day. These are visual moments which are simple, yet so substantive one is reminded of complex feelings and turning points. It is how a photographer expresses a sincere affection for people, by bringing those ephemeral moments back to life.

Grandmother of the Bride

Shy Ringbearers look through the window

First Dance elegant couple wedding St. Regis

Dancing dude enjoys the party

First Dance at Casa Del Mar ballroom, Santa Monica, CA

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