Larry Crandall

Lawrence Crandall

Each of us expresses our talents in many ways: art, music, cooking, dance, gardening.  I found the visual arts to be my perfect match over 30 years ago. I am a freelance professional photographer based in Southern California. In addition to shooting, editing post and retouching I create custom, handcrafted photography books and clamshell cases for my own clients and for other creative professionals.

Our wedding photography has been published in numerous bridal magazines and we’ve received over 30 national awards, on a mostly referral-based business. I personally photograph each event, along with talented associate photographers.

The style of our commercial work allows us to collaborate with other creatives such as art directors and graphic designers, as well as work directly with corporations and individuals who are looking for distinctive visual solutions. It would be my great pleasure to provide you with photography that stands out.